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Why do so many companies choose an 8el voice solution?

8el works in collaboration with customers to design and implement tailored voice solutions that range from an indirect to direct services coupled with a range of value added services including: Line rental, CTPS barring and online billing and analysis tools such as CallWatch Interactive.

The top 5 reasons to buy an 8el voice network include:

1) Built in, powerful multi-dimensional call analysis tool

Key to 8el's voice offering is CallWatch Interactive, a powerful web billing and analysis tool. Accessible online, CallWatch Interactive allows customers to manipulate large quantities of data and process it quickly into managed, tailored voice reports. This valuable capabiltity helps network managers to more easily identify potential savings and beneficial network modifications. The benefits include:

Potentially identify cost savings and efficiencies across single or multi-site businesses
Advanced data mining and trend analysis
Creation and storage of personalised reports templates

Read more about CallWatch Interactive here

2) Network monitoring and alert service

Through CallWatch Interactive 8el is able to monitor customers preferred Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in relation to their voice network, (including out of hours calls or weekly voice spend) as well as alerting them if certain pre-determined thresholds or criteria are breached. This ‘Dashboard’ service helps halt abuse or fraud dynamically and allows investigations to be concluded quickly.

3) Proactive support monitoring

8el’s proactive approach to support enables the swift identification, ownership and resolution of voice issues. In the case of a call failure the Network Operations Centre (NOC) uses specialised customer site equipment to remotely diagnose call issues, providing prompt fault resolution. 8el’s highly trained support engineers monitor customer networks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For further peace of mind, 8el act as a single point of contact for all services, including third parties.

4) Lower Total Cost of Ownership

8el’s delivers high quality networks while still reducing the total cost of ownership as well as being minute rate competitive. 8el executes a complete rationalisation process involving the thorough assessment of incumbent services, ISDN30 channel usage and voice spend. Not only is this process used by 8el to optimise the future network design and performance, but it also yields immediate results by eliminating unnecessary rental costs. In addition, by analysing existing billing information, 8el is able to provide customers with a bespoke tariff sheet to deliver maximum cost efficiency to the business.

5) International call re-routing

Even the best international networks can experience issues. Where necessary, 8el customers can re-route poor quality calls via an alternative international carrier simply by notifying the 8el help desk. Upon notification, the 8el customer service team will select an alternative route for all quality related calls made from the calling party’s CLI. International call re-routing avoids the administrative overhead of having to manually reconfigure the customers on site PABX with an override code and the possible uplift of rates.

8el’s unique combination of expertise, technology and broad range of voice and data services has made it the supplier of choice in the UK mid corporate market.

To discuss your voice requirements, please call 0845 33 000 93. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]