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Private Voice Networks

8el Voice Connect is a Virtual Private Network service, providing customers with a solution that extends their local PABX functionality to other sites.

Voice Connect supports the transparent switching of signalling protocols between PABXs including DPNSS, Q.SIG and proprietary variations.

Voice Connect is delivered to the customer using 8el network connections. Calls are switched between sites as either standard 64Kbps, or 8Kbps (G.729 compressed) for VoIP calls.

Benefits of 8el’s Voice Connect include:

Full signalling functionality between PABXs
Free site to site calls
Short number dial plan

Please refer to the convergence section for more information on DPNSS and QSIG over IP

Private Voice Signalling Protocols

Q.SIG and DPNSS are industry standard protocols that allow features available between extensions on a single PABX to be extended to all PABX extensions across the customer network.

DPNSS and Q.SIG functionality includes:

Camp on
Call waiting
Call forwarding and diversion

To discuss your voice requirements, please call 0845 33 000 93. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]