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8el's converged networks provide increased efficiencies and costs savings

8el recognises the demand and the benefits of supporting multiple traffic types over a single infrastructure.

Through the implementation of an 8el Wide Area Network (WAN) and the installation of 8el Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), 8el is able to provide customers with a cost efficient, “Quality of Service” network supporting the convergence of time sensitive applications such as voice, media and data over a single platform.

8el prioritise different traffic types, using “Class of Service”, this guarantees the traffic the required quality of service and latency across the 8el network.

Benefits of deploying a converged voice, media and data network include:

Single IP platform for voice, media and data
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership e.g. infrastructure costs
Toll free, site-to-site calls and video conferencing
Single point of contact for all communications needs
Managed service with minimum disruption to the end user

8el collaborate with customers to design and implement tailored voice, media and data solutions. Each solution is designed to provide high levels of resilience using backup paths, retained functionality and scalability.

8el has delivered converged solutions to organisations such as Buro Happold and Russell Jones and Walker. These customers were able to retain their PABX, PABX interface and PABX functionality when migrating to an 8el Voice over IP network (VoIP).

8el were also able to meet specific customer requirements and reduce the cost of implementation by deploying a “Quality of Service” enabled network, and by installing CPE from a choice of leading manufacturers including Cisco Systems and Westel.

8el’s unique combination of expertise, technology and broad range of voice and data services has made it the supplier of choice in the UK mid corporate market.

To discuss your communication requirements, please call 0845 33 000 93. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]