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Directly connecting customers to 8el's core network

8el provides a high quality, resilient and dependable telephony service for businesses that are directly connected to the 8el Network. By taking ownership of all outbound calls, 8el is able to deliver customers superior service outlined by the following benefits:

Reduced total cost of ownership
Increased network resilience
Detailed billing and voice traffic information on demand
Proactive support backed by first class SLA
No capital outlay for equipment
Single point of contact for all voice services

8el’s solutions are designed to work in parallel with existing ISDN30 circuits, providing inbound and outbound voice resilience should the primary route fail. (see figure1 below)


8el’s Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), is configured to route all outbound voice calls via the 8el direct circuit whilst inbound calls continue to be delivered over the existing ISDN30 circuit. This configuration removes the issues associated with migrating existing DDI numbers to a new carrier.

Supported signalling

Direct voice CPE (Freeport) will support the connection of existing ISDN30 circuits with Q.931 / ETSI PRI or DASSII signalling.

To discuss your voice requirements, please call 0845 33 000 93. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]