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Value Added Services

To complement its voice solutions 8el offers a number of value added services that deliver further network features to enhance the end-user experience:

Follow Me Service
This service allows individuals to be contacted on a single number regardless of their location. Secure PIN authentication allows users to independently update destination details as required.

Number translation services
Number translation services (0808, 0845, and 0870s ) from 8el, provide businesses with a range of non-geographic numbers in the 08xxx range. Available number ranges can also work in parallel with the 8el IVR (Integrated Voice Response) platform to provide advanced call routing services for inbound calls.

International freephone
This allows 8el customers to offer a international freefone facility to their employees, customers and prospects operating abroad.

Call back
For customers requiring secure, ISDN data access from international locations, 8el is able to provide a call back service to allow data connectivity to be charged at a pre-negotiated UK rate.

Dial Plans
This service enables abbreviated short digit dial plans to be commissioned between customer offices, including home and small office workers.

Pin and secondary dial tone
This service allows remote workers to make and charge telephone calls to their head office from any UK location using an 8el 0800 number. Upon connection, users are required to enter a 4 pin security code, before being allowed to dial a secondary telephone number.

To discuss your voice requirements, please call 0845 33 000 93. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]