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Telephony billing tools

8el’s on-line telephone billing service provides customers with complete control of their telephony spend. Available on-line 24/7, 8el’s billing platform delivers valuable, up-to-the-hour, monitoring and reporting capabilities for users.

8el offers two billing services:

8el CallWatch provides customers with a flexible tool to access valuable information about their voice network, accessed via 8el's user-friendly, secure web page.

8el CallWatch users have the ability to look up a wide selection of call data information including; date/time, number dialled from, call duration and call costs allowing greater visibility and analysis of outbound voice services from all their sites.

Developed to complement 8el Callwatch, CallWatch Interactive is aimed at providing deeper and more powerful analysis in order to help businesses better manage telephony usage and costs.

Powered by the ProClarity® Analytics Platform software, CallWatch Interactive represents the next generation of telephony billing solutions. By taking a 'snapshot' of a database, CallWatch Interactive restructures it into multi-dimensional cubes that can be cross referenced to produce almost unlimited views of the data.

Try 8el's CallWatch Interactive demo.

To discuss your voice requirements, please call 0845 33 000 93. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]