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Efficient Wide Area Networking

In today’s business environment, multi-site companies must operate a reliable and efficient Wide Area Network (WAN) in order to allow effective working and collaboration between employees, customers and other broader audiences.

8el has extensive experience building robust, quality, private networks that support many leading UK businesses. Each of 8el’s WAN solutions is designed to be resilient, secure and closely tailored to cater for the immediate and future customer requirements.

Customers sites can be connected into an 8el WAN via a number of different technologies as detailed in the table below:

Access Circuit Access Technology Capacity Options
LAN Extension Services (LES) Ethernet 10Mbps scalable to 100Mbps
Leased Line - PDH/SDH ATM

2-8Mbps (using IMA)
34, 45, 155Mbps

DSL ATM 256, 512Kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps

By using this range of access technologies, 8el is able to provide network solutions based on customer bandwidth requirements.

?Quality of Service?

Each customer network can be configured to support ?Quality of Service? (QoS). This is achieved by applying either ATM ?Class of Service? to PDH or SDH connections or custom queuing to LES and DSL services. ?QoS? allows business critical applications and time sensitive traffic (such as VoIP and Video) to be prioritised across the network, thus providing the most appropriate end-user experience.

Network Coverage

8el has partnerships with multiple network carriers providing national coverage with access to over 120 Points of Presence (PoP?s). For each customer 8el is able to work with the most appropriate partner to supply the most cost effective network.

8el is able to provide international coverage via its connections to global carriers from its PoP in TeleCity, London.

Resilient Networking

All 8el solutions focus on providing service continuity. With this in mind all backhaul across the 8el network is via SDH protected circuits. Where required customer tail circuits can be diversely routed or supplied with fully managed ISDN or DSL backup.

Network Monitoring

Specialised network-monitoring tools via the 8elWatch suite of products (see Network Monitoring Tools), gives customers increased visibility and control of their network.

To discuss your data requirements, please call 0845 33 000 93. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]