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Connecting remote workers to the corporate network

8el provides organisations with cost effective solutions that allow different worker communities to remotely and safely connect their laptops or PC’s to their corporate data network.

Depending on requirements and available infrastructure, 8el is able provide a choice of two connection services (see diagram 1); 8el DialConnect and 8el Webconnect.

Dial-up (8el Dialconnect)

8el Dialconnect users are able to access their corporate systems via a dial-up connection established via an 8el Non Geographic Number (NGN).

DialConnect is a more efficient and cost effective access solution compared to the traditional setup of using either dedicated analogue lines or an ISDN30 circuit with an access server located at the customer site. This is because DialConnect aggregates all the user dialup traffic into a single pipe or Private Virtual Circuit (PVC), rather than using a dedicated 64Kbps ISDN30 Channel, or dedicated analogue line at the head office for each user.

Each customer is provided with a guaranteed number of dial ports that are pre configured to support each remote dialup connection and any specific profile required by the customer’s remote user community. Standard setup provides core dial ports with a contention ratio of, 10 users to 1 dial port.

SSL (8el Webconnect)

The 8el Webconnect service is based on the latest generation of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) remote access technology. It is easy to use, implement and maintain; Remote users simply require access to an Internet browser. Furthermore, it is completely secure and significantly reduces costs of remote connectivity to corporate systems.

Key benefits of 8el Webconnect:

Ease of use
Highly secure connections
No capital outlay
Cost effective, remote access
Controlled applications access
Scalable solution

8el Webconnect provides instant access to corporate systems and resources over secure encrypted sessions. It also eliminates open-ended, network layer connections between the external user and internal LAN resource. 8el Webconnect requires no additional software investment and can be rapidly installed without the need for server customisation or DMZ deployment. Additionally users of the service do not require ongoing support.

To discuss your data requirements, please call 0845 33 000 93. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]