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The 8el Digital Private Networking Signaling System (DPNSS) to IP gateway provides organisations with a cost efficient solution allowing DPNSS voice and data to be routed down a single ATM connection, without compromising on the quality or functionality of the voice or data traffic.

The gateway offers an open standard (H.323) solution for migrating DPNSS networks from a TDM infrastructure (point to point) to one based on IP, (Multi-point).

The gateway connects between the customer PABX and the 8el ATM access device and will integrate with all existing DPNSS PBX’s, without the need and expense of having to change or upgrade the current infrastructure.

The solution will retain support for all DPNSS voice supplementary services as if still connected in a TDM environment, this includes route optimisation, centralised operator and support of existing voice mail systems.

Customers can rationalise their DPNSS ports (& associated maintenance costs) because all of the traffic is routed through the Gateway. At the majority of sites this means that only a single gateway and DPNSS card is required. Additionally the gateway solution eliminates the requirement for separate, costly point-to-point communication trunks.

The gateway offers support for G.711 (64Kbps) for clear channel voice and G.729 (8Kbps) for compressed voice, where bandwidth is limited.

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