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ISDN over ATM - Converged voice and data services using ATM

8elís converged voice and data platform allows customers to benefit from reduced total cost of ownership and increased bandwidth efficiency.

When a customer does not require the full 30 ISDN channels of an 8el direct circuit the remaining capacity of the circuit can be utilised by another 8el service such as Internet access, secure socket layer or a connection to a customers Wide Area Network.

For example, if a customer were to provision an 8el direct circuit (2Mbps) and enable 11 voice channels, the remaining 1Mbps of capacity could be used to connect directly to the 8el ISP Service, (ISP Connect).

In this format, this is the most simplistic example of an 8el, converged voice and data solution.

Please refer to Figure 3 for an illustration of connectivity.

Direct voice and data convergence is achieved by installing 8elís ATM customer premises equipment, which allows the convergence multiple traffic types, (such as voice, data and video) to exist over the same infrastructure.

ATM supports L2 quality of Service (QoS) therefore traffic can be prioritised using up to five different classes of service (CoS) ensuring traffic such as voice is ensured the quality, latency and prioritisation required

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