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Experienced in managing over 400 network installations

Project Management is a key part of 8el's customer interaction, responsible for taking the proposed service solution from initiation through to delivery. 8el employ a phased approach to the implementation of services in order to achieve better control of projects and deadlines. 8el uses its own project methodology, based on a recognised framework.

The 8el project management team has had experience in successfully implementing its solutions into over 450 customer sites and has a strong track record in meeting and exceeding expectations. During project initiation, the project management team produce a scope of work document to describe the parameters and respective responsibilities of all stakeholders and interested parties. A project plan is also produced to explain the relevant timelines and sequence of events key to the success of projects. This then forms the basis of a regular review and update process to track the status of installations.

In order to plan the project 8el will carry out a site survey at every site. At this point the project will be assigned a primary and secondary engineer giving project support, continuity and cover for the lifecycle of the project.

To ensure that correct, up to date information is available to all members of the 8el team, a leading CRM platform is used to manage workflow.

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