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ISP CoreConnect Centralised Internet access for multi site businesses

ISP CoreConnect provides businesses with a flexible, fully managed ISP service, providing direct Internet connectivity from the 8el core.

The service is aimed at organisations with multiple sites that wish to deploy a Wide Area Network (WAN) with a centralised Internet gateway. ISP CoreConnect requires the customer to co-locate their corporate firewall and optionally, their application or Web servers within one of 8els purpose built co-location environments.

For customers who have chosen to co-locate their servers, ISP CoreConnect provides access to any hosted applications.

Benefits of ISP Core Connect:

Resilient, cost effective Internet service

Fully scaleable service with rapid upgrade and downgrade of capacity as required

Flexible solution that can be tailored to fit customers exact requirements

Low latency service with direct access to a range of quality Tier 1 international backbones

A single point of contact and support umbrella for voice, data and ISP services

24/7 dedicated customer support line backed by industry leading Service Level Agreement guaranteeing quality of service and delivery

For an example of 8el’s ISP CoreConnect solutions see Figure 1 below:

ISP CoreConnect provides a number of compelling advantages over a traditional customer located Internet gateway:

Increased resilience by removing the reliance on a single customer site, which would generally act as the gateway for all other sites accessing the Internet.

Efficient use of bandwidth and increased network performance as remote Internet traffic is routed directly to the Internet, rather than being delivered via a gateway located on the customer site.

Flexible bandwidth upgrades as 8el has substantial capacity between it’s core network and its peering international carriers, therefore 8el is able to rapidly provision additional capacity, as required.

As part of a suite of services, customers also benefit from the convenience of a one-stop shop communication provider and a single point of contact to 8els recognised high quality, proactive support, backed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA).

ISP CoreConnect is provided with a range of IP addresses, full DNS service, DNS transfer and Mail Store and Forward.

To discuss your ISP requirements, please call 0845 33 000 93. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]